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LBL: Changing the way I think about food

March 6, 2012

I completed my first day of my Live Below The Line challenge yesterday. I expected it to be a challenge, but I didn’t think it was going to change the way I think about food so drastically.

The first thing I noticed, after finishing my lunch, was how I was not greated with that feeling of satisfaction after a meal. I had enough to eat, and I was definitely full. So why wasn’t I feeling satisfied? That was simply because the food I was eating was rather bland. It didn’t have the multitude of spices and sauces that I was used to. It dawned on my pretty quickly thought that I wasn’t eating the food for enjoyment or pleasure, as I usually would have, I was eating food for the simple reason that my body needed it. I ate to keep going, to keep my energy levels up, and quite simply.. I ate to survive.

And then I thought, how lucky am I that I actually get to eat food for the sheer pleasure of it? When I go to a restaurant I don’t go because I need to, I go because I want to, because I relate food with pleasure, not survival. And then I think about how millions of people in the world, who are living in extreme poverty, have never experienced food the way we have. It’s shocking to realise how something as simple as food can be interpreted in such distintly different ways.

Please continue to show your support for this amazing cause by sponsoring me while I continue with the challenge.

The money I raise will go to RESULTS UK. This year they are working to ensure that children with disabilities are no longer forgotten, that their voices are heard loud and clear, and that the governments of the worl are making sure that disability is no obstable to education.


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