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Hugh Jackman challenges Sun readers to live on £1 a day

March 7, 2012

Read the article in the Sun

Hugh Jackmen on global poverty:

“In the UK we like to think we care, so we raise money and campaign for change.These actions are great and should continue. But as most of us have never experienced what it is like to starve, or to go without to make sure our children can eat, we can never really understand the problems faced by more than 1.4billion people.”

“But the best lesson I’ve learned is how effective people power is and I use the best weapon I have — not Wolverine’s claws or mutant powers but the public. Rallying the troops is a great way to affect change.”

Hugh Jackman at Live Below The Line event

“Live Below The Line is close to my heart and I hope readers take up the challenge to live on £1 a day for just five days and get friends and family to sponsor them”

Take part in Live Below The Line and see how much change you can make from £1!


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