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Alternatives to £1 a day for 5 days challenge

March 14, 2012

Not everyone can, or would want to try to live on £5 for five days. There are other ways to get involved though.

Live Below the Line dinner party
Why not throw a dinner party with a difference? A Live Below the Line dinner party could spread awareness about poverty while entertaining friends, family and colleagues. Serving guests a meal that costs less than £1each offers an experience of how far that money goes. Guests could be asked to sponsor the host or pay an „entrance fee‟ donation of however much they would normally pay for a meal out. You could even do a series of events in the style of Come Dine With Me. Whoever creates the tastiest and most inventive dish for £1 is declared the winner.

Pay what you think
Why not organise a day on which everybody prepares food at home and then serves it for lunch or dinner the next day, simply asking people to pay/donate for what they feel the food is worth?

Live Below the Line ‘lite’
If you feel that you cannot manage 5 days on £1 a day, do it for 3 days instead. The ‘lite’ version of Live Below the Line offers a more manageable challenge, which can create just as many fundraising opportunities.

£1 cake sale
Selling cakes, biscuits or brownies for £1 is a great way to publicise your Live Below the Line campaign. Selling treat items for the amount that those living in extreme poverty have to survive with is a way of indicating the
differences in wealth. It is also a positive way of involving children and other groups for whom living below the line may not be

This list is by no means exhaustive. Get creative and raise money for an amazing cause!


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