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Anne Wafula Strike: Kenyan Paralympian and Disabled Rights Activist says this on RESULTS

March 16, 2012

“At the age of two, growing up in rural Kenya, I contracted polio and lost the use of my legs. Against all the odds my parents strove to get me a good education and, after much hardship, I became the world’s first female East African paralympian when I represented Kenya at the 2004 Athens Paralympic games. I am living proof that with the right opportunities, every child has the chance to achieve great things.

I am delighted to have been involved with the RESULTS campaign for inclusive education over the past year. Working as they do through their grassroots volunteers all the way up to the highest minister they have helped make this an issue the government can no longer ignore. I am proud to have been part of this work and look forward to continuing to support RESULTS in 2012.”

Live Below The Line for RESULTS UK and help ensure that at children with disabilities are no longer forgotten, that their voices are heard loud and clear, and that the governments of the world are making sure that disability is no obstacle to education.


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