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Why Live Below The Line for RESULTS?

March 16, 2012

This year RESULTS UK’s main focus is on inclusive education. They are working to ensure that children with disabilities are no longer forgotten, that their voices are heard loud and clear, and that the governments of the world are making sure that disability is no obstacle to education.

For people living below the poverty line, education is often one of the first casualties when it comes to making decisions about how to spend extremely limited resources. In such a situation, to provide an education for a disabled child becomes an almost impossible task. Unfortunately, this is the reality for far too many children worldwide: UNESCO estimate that of the 67 million children out of school worldwide, over a third suffer from a disability. RESULTS UK are campaigning tirelessly to change the situation for the children that are currently out of education and for future generations of children. They are working to change the policies, practices and beliefs that leave so many disabled children excluded from education. By supporting RESULTS in Live Below the Line, you are helping to provide a better future for millions of children.

Millennium Development Goal 2 – universal primary education for all cannot be met unless we include children with disabilities in these efforts. Gloablly, 22 million children with disabilities are not receiving a primary education. The problem of exclusion is particularly acute in Sub Saharan Africa where it is estimated that 90-95% of all disabled children are excluded from education.

The consequences of disabled children being excluded from education are usually dire,  more often than not leading to a life of grinding, unbreakable poverty for the child. More widely, exclusion of disabled people puts increased financial strain on families, communities, wider society and whole economies. In rural areas especially, in which physical work is often the only viable means of employment for people without an education, being disabled almost universally means being trapped in poverty. In areas in which there are no services designed for disabled people, stigma and neglect are often a consequence.

Most of these children with disabilities are usually suffering from an impariement to the mobility, or a poor vision or hearing. They have the same mental capability as any other child, but are often not invested in enough, and therefore suffer some of the most impoverished condition.

In 2012, a Paralympic year, RESULTS are going to be working hard to ensure that inclusive education is a key priority for the UK government and that DFID is doing everything possible to ensure that this issue is tackled. Support their efforts by Living Below The Line for RESULTS UK.


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