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Univeristy of Sheffield funding expansion of Mbara preschool

March 19, 2012

While I was studying for my Masters at the University of Sheffield I travelled to the West Pokot District in Kenya, where we came across a much needed health clinic still far from completion. In the absence of roads, those requiring access to health care were previously forced to walk 12kms to the nearest health facility. When we returned we aimed to raise £6000 for the completion of the well needed health clinic. Now with the new health centre and the sinking of a borehole (providing the only source of potable water in the village) the pastoral community will have access to nursing care and medication that will save lives.

While I am no longer at the University of Sheffield, I still support the fantastic work they are doing to improve the access to health and education in West Pokot, one of the most rural area in Kenya. This year the students are fundraising for an additional classroom at the Mbara preschool.

University of Sheffield students have undertaken fundraising to establish a pre-school in the village of Mbara where they work, high in the mountains and only accessible by a 4 hour walk along a steep dirt track. The pre-school consisting of one classroom currently has 50 pupils but only has a capacity of 32.  Currently two classes are run by two teachers in the same room and there is a clear need for a new classroom to accommodate more children and to separate them into learning groups. The Kenyan educational system is based on the use of English and Kiswahili yet many children only speak Pokot and as a result suffer academically. The pre-school employs teaching staff from outside the locality and all classes are deliberately taught in English and Kiswahili.

This year International Development students hope to raise £2500 pounds which would pay for a new classroom and additonal facilities such as a Kitchen so that food provided for the children can be cooked on site. The classroom has been fully costed and will be built by locals using locally sourced materials. They would like to raise all this money before the summer so that construction can get under way.

Any donations would be gratefully received.

Please follow the link to donate:


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