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RESULTS Live Below The Line Recipe Book has arrived!

April 12, 2012

I mentoned in a previous blog that RESULTS UK has teamed up with Lloyd Hayes – a very talented chef and graduate from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant – to develop a RESULTS Live Below The Line Recipe Book.

This has been about a month in the works: brainstorming recipes, researching the cheapest foods, cooking the meals, and finally putting the recipe book together. But I’m so happy to be able to say it’s finally finished and you can now get your hands on a copy.

This recipt book is designed to help people get the most out of their Live Below The Line experience.

Together we have created our versions of some classic meals, including a Live Below The Line pea soup, (cheeseless) pizza and an (all bean) burger and chips… and much much more. All of which cost less than 50p each!

I really hope this recipe book encourages you all to take part in the Live Below The Line challenge for RESULTS. The money that you raise for RESULTS will support their work to provide a better future for millions of children by ensuring that children with disabilities are no longer forgotten, that their voices are heard loud and clear, and that the governments of the world are making sure that disability is no obstacle to education.

Download the RESULTS Live Below The Line Recipe Book.

You can sign up to the challenge or donate to support RESULTS’ amazing work by clicking on the links.


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  1. Diahan Fisher permalink

    Hi There we are going to be completing the LBL challenge in Australia. Would love to have a look at the cookbook to give us some inspiration as this is our first time and we are a bit nervous. Unfortunately the pdf is corrupted and can’t be opened. Can you please upload again?

    Thanks very much

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