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World Immunization Week: Ghana vaccine launch

April 26, 2012

Vaccines are one of the most successful health interventions in history. They are an efficient and cost effective way to help people stay healthy and thus combatting a major barrier to human development. In 2010, the delivery of vaccines for children against life-threatening diseases hit a record high, reaching 109 million, averting more than 2 million deaths. However, some 19.3 million children remain unimmunised.

Prior to the GAVI replenishment conference in June 2011, GAVI set themselves a fundraising target of $3.7 billion dollars. In an overwhelming display of faith in the power of vaccines, the combined donors pledged to invest a total of $4.3 billion – smashing the target. RESULTS was active in building momentum behind the GAVI replenishment conference held in London in June 2011.

This investment meant that GAVI has enough money to scale up their existing vaccination programmes and to also roll out new vaccines.

Today Ghana will introduce two new vaccines at once into its routine immunisation system. Pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines will protect children against the leading causes of pneumonia and severe infant diarrhoea, two of the biggest killers of Ghanaian children. The vaccines are being introduced during World Immunisation Week by the Ministry of Health with support from the GAVI Alliance and its partners UNICEF, WHO and many generous donors, including governments and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Produced by Doune Porter
Filmed and edited by Ryan Youngblood

“Watching Ryan’s film, you quickly come to appreciate just how vital it is that the global community gets behind the effort to bring affordable vaccines to the peoples of the developing world and end the blight of these preventable diseases, which cut millions of young lives short before they have had a chance to blossom and grow.”– Dan Thomas from the GAVI Alliance

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