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Live Below the Line… Round 2

May 8, 2012

I undertook my first Live Below the Line challenge in March to encourage others to join me in May. Happy to say that quite a few friends have joined me in doing the challenge.

The best part of me having done the challenge once before is that I was able to learn from my mistakes the first time round (which was lack of variety) and have been able to be a lot more creative in my meal choices.

However, this doesn’t stop me craving a McDonalds every time I walk past one.

So here is my break down from Day One:


Chapati pancake with jam

Flour: 2p

Jam: 3p

Value tea (no milk, no sugar): 0.03p

Total 5.03p


Stir fry

Value noodles: 11p

1/2 onion: 3p

1 grated carrot: 4p

1 value sausge: 7p

50g mushrooms: 12p

1/2 value stock cube: 0.5p

Seasoning (salt & pepper): 0.5p


1 x 60g value yougurt: 8p

Total: 46p


Square chips, sausage and beans

175g potatoes: 6p

85g value beans: 6p

1 value sausage: 7p

Value tea (no mile, no sugar): 0.03p

Total: 19.03p

Day One total: 70.06p

I have been Living Below The Line for RESULTS UK – one of the six major partners involved in Live Below The Line –  who are campaigning tirelessly to change the situation for the children that are currently out of education and for future generations of children. RESULTS are working to change the policies, practices and beliefs that leave so many disabled children excluded from education. By Living Below the Line for RESULTS, you are helping to provide a better future for millions of children.

I am so grateful for all the support everyone has given me while I’ve been Living Below The Line… Twice! I still have a way to go to reach my target. So please keep up the support and help me raise £500 for such a worthwhile cause :)

Donate to me by following the link:

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