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Reflection: Living Below the Line for Two

May 8, 2012

As you will probably know from my previous post, this is the second time I am Living Below the Line for RESULTS UK. However, my experience Living Below the Line is already very different from my first challenge, primarily because  this time I have decided to do it with a friend. There are definitely a number of benefits to this, as we were both able to get a bit more food for our money than we would have if we had done it individually. This meant we were able to eat with a bit more variety, as well as a bit more nutritionally compared to my March meals.

However, there is also a lot of added pressure that comes with Living Below the Line for two. I not only had to worry about making sure I had enough to eat, but I had the added pressure of making sure my friend didn’t spend the week going hungry too. I know my friend was just happy that I was helping him out with the challenge, and would have probably have ‘happily’ eaten anything I gave him. But creating a shopping list for two meant I had to be painstakingly maticulous. It took a lot more time planning than my first round of Living Below the Line, especially since I know he’s used to eating a lot more than me. I had to think about whether to choose quantity over quality. More veg and less staples? It also mean sacrificing, or rather compromising, with certain foods to make sure we were both happy with the meals for the week.

It makes me think about the families living below the extreme poverty line, especially the mothers. I cannot begin to imagine the anxiety, the stress and the worry they must go through on a daily basis to try and make sure their children have enough to eat, on top of all the other expenditures they have to factor in.

I have been Living Below The Line for RESULTS UK – one of the six major partners involved in Live Below The Line –  who are campaigning tirelessly to change the situation for the children that are currently out of education and for future generations of children. RESULTS are working to change the policies, practices and beliefs that leave so many disabled children excluded from education. By Living Below the Line for RESULTS, you are helping to provide a better future for millions of children.

I am so grateful for all the support everyone has given me while I’ve been Living Below The Line… Twice! I still have a way to go to reach my target. So please keep up the support and help me raise £500 for such a worthwhile cause :)

Donate to me by following the link:

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  1. Tina de Souza permalink

    So proud of you….. i admire your commitment x

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