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Day 3 Living Below the Line – Bump in the Road

May 10, 2012

So yesterday started off pretty well. I was half way through my challenge, and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was pretty hungry, but it was all worth it because my donations had skyrocketed! I had surpassed my £500 target and managed to raise over £600 for RESULTS UK through Live Below the Line. So I was in a very good mood yesterday, despite my stomach continuously rumbling, demanding food.

But just as my day was going so well, my phone was pick pocketed on the London undergound. As you can imagine, when I realised my phone was gone I was quite frantic, then I was annoyed and finally quite upset. My good mood suddenly came crashing down and I suddenly felt very deflated. When I got home I was in absolutely no mood to spend half an hour preparing and cooking food, which I knew really wasn’t going to taste that nice. For the first time, I really missed the luxury of convenience food. Of being able to just stick something in the microwave for 2 minutes and then tuck in. Cooking wasn’t really high on the list of things to do. At the time I was more concerned about reporting my phone stolen and getting on the phone to the insurance companies. I probably would have just sulked and gone to bed hungry if my dad hadn’t helped me to cook my dinner and pretty much forced me to eat.

Today, looking back, I feel rather silly. Was I really going to deprive myself of food, food which my body was deperatly craving, over something as materialistic as an iPhone? Millions of people face much more pressing concerns than I did. But what this experience made me realise is how hard it is prioritise food when you are faced with so many daily struggles and obstacles. Mine was rather trvial, but for those living in extreme poverty I cannot imagine being able to find the time and energy to feed an entire family, while simultaniously being faced with having to making sure there was enough money to pay the school fees, and the doctors fees, and rent… it’s hard to keep motivated.

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