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More…Live Below the Line Food

May 15, 2012

Here’s a few more things I’ve been living off during my Live Below the Line week:

My Radioactive Green Pea Soup

Mushy Peas: 8p

1/2 stock cube: 0.5p

Seasoning (salt and peper): 0.5p

I have to say, the pea soup tasted even worse than it looked. But… it meant that I could splurge a bit more on a ‘lovely’ (all bean) burger and chips! Well it’s no gourmet burger… but by Live Below the Line standards this was pretty good.

All bean burger and chips

1/2 tin of kidney beans: 9p

1/4 onion

Flour (to bind)

Oil (to shallow fry)

Seasoning (dry corriander, salt and pepper): 2p

2 mall potatoes (150g)

I have been Living Below The Line for RESULTS UK – one of the six major partners involved in Live Below The Line –  who are campaigning tirelessly to change the situation for the children that are currently out of education and for future generations of children. RESULTS are working to change the policies, practices and beliefs that leave so many disabled children excluded from education. By Living Below the Line for RESULTS, you are helping to provide a better future for millions of children.

I am so grateful for all the support everyone has given me while I’ve been Living Below The Line… Twice! It’s been a tough few days but it’s been well worth it. I’ve only got a bit further to go to reach my target, so I’d really appreciate any donation you can make towards my efforst.

Donate to me by following the link:


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