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Human Rights for ALL people! Stop Uganda’s Anti-homosexuality Bill!

February 22, 2013

Last International Human Rights Day, I stood in solidarity with my Ugandan friends to oppose any form of discrimination and criminalisation based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and support the right of all persons to live their lives without fear of harassment, abuse or arrest.

I joined over 60 other individuals who turned up to the Ugandan Embassy to protest against the Ugandan Anti-homosexuality Bill, which if introduced will lead the to persecution of thousands of LGBTI Ugandans. The Bill seeks to make ‘aggravated homosexuality’ (simply people of the same gender taking part in consensual sex) illegal and originally sought the death penalty for those found ‘guilty’.

The Bill undermines the human rights and dignity of all Ugandans. Not only does the proposed Bill violate the fundamental human rights of the LGBTI Ugandans, but also persecutes those who are tolerant and supportive of LGBTIs. The Bill would make it legally madatory for people to report anyone who they suspect of having a same sex relationship. This would mean parents would be forced to report their sons and daughters if they suspect them of having same sex relationships; friends forced to report friends; teachers, medical professionals and religious leaders having to report those people they are responsible to promote, protect and treat.

If introduced the Bill would not only make it mandatory to report, but persecutable if left unreported.

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