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I am hungry for change!

April 16, 2013

In a couple of weeks I will be living on £1 a day for 5 days to raise awareness for extreme poverty, and in particular undernutrition.

The money raised will go towards the brilliant work of RESULTS UK who are campaigning tirelessly to change the situation for the children that are unnecessarily dying from undernutrition. It is the largest killer of children globally. It is responsible for 35% of all PREVENTABLE child deaths. Killing 2.6 million children each year.

For millions of children that survive, it means they are, forever, stunted. Smaller than their non-stunted peers, stunted children are more susceptible to sickness. In school, they fall behind in class. In adulthood, they are more prone to disease and their earning potential is significantly less than their non-stunted peers. Undernutrition keeps individuals and families in a cycle of poverty and poor health.

Yet the interventions are well-known and cost effective. If 13 proven nutrition interventions were delivered to scale, they could reduce stunting by 1/3rd globally, and at a cost : benefit ratio of 1 : 16.

What is lacking is the political will. RESULTS UK is working to change the policies, practices and beliefs that leave so many children undernourished.

I’d really appreciate any donation you can make towards my efforts.

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